"Dear Victorio,
Thank you very much for your co-operation in the filming of ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA. Your staging for the dance sequence was very well conceived.
Yours sincerely,

Charlton Heston" (Director/Actor)

"Dear Victorio,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent work you did on the filming of NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA. Your choreography for the three dance sequences was most approppriate for the demands of the film.
Yours sincerely,

Sam Spiegel (Producer)

"From the moment I met Victorio and stepped into his dance class I immediately felt a warmth and generosity radiating from him. As a Flamenco neophyte I was expecting the teacher to mirror the severity of the dance. I was however pleasantly surprised at his patience and sweet demeanor. His vivacious energy and humor continue to permeate every room he walks into while his brilliant artistry commands all attention.  I am honored to study under Victorio’s tutelage and look forward to exploring the beauty of this dance.
Thank you Victorio!!!!!!"
Jackie Aizen, New York (Victorio's student)

"With one gesture of his arm, you can quickly comprehend Victorio's vast experience and passion for dance.  After a single class, you then know why he is such a revered teacher."
Jessica Meyer, New York
Violist, Teaching Artist, and Owner of Venus Ensembles (Victorio’s student)

"I feel fortunate to take classes with such a Master as Victorio – a great teacher and artistic personality.  He fosters a sense of style, class, grace, finesse.  In his teaching, Victorio patiently and meticulously works on solid basic skills and technique, projection, dynamics, energy, musicality, phrasing, control. He generously gives all his energy, knowledge to students – beginners and advanced. Every student gets his attention, care and encouragement. Studying with Victorio, you feel the very essence of Flamenco – passion, deeper meaning of the life. You leave class transformed with feeling that something important just happened and you were a part of it. I am very happy as never before and every time I am impatiently waiting for a next class!"
Svitlana Syrtsova, New York
Concert Pianist (Victorio’s student)


" I have tried several other flamenco classes with other teachers but no other teacher compares to Victorio. His detailed explanations of technique, rhythm and feeling are incomparable.  As a result of his positive reinforcement and insight, I never feel discouraged. Flamenco is a challenging form of dance through which Victorio enables even the beginner a sense of strength and awareness of the whole body. He has helped me to tap into a physical and emotional strength which I thought I never had. I arrived in his class with no former dance experience and yet this did not hinder my enjoyment of his class. Never have I ever felt his attention to his students lacking. He is always  amazingly attuned to each student. His charm, wit and humor make every class a delight to attend and his warmth as a person is unparalleled. I am very lucky to be able to partake in his classes and and to be under his wonderful tutelage."

Lisa Mee, New York (Victorio’s student)
Artist/Designer/Art Gallery Director

 “Victorio is a master teacher that is one of a kind. His flamenco classes are filled with captivating heelwork rhythms, elegant upper body and arm movements, beautiful music, and an unforgettable sense of humor. The never-ending energy and passion that he pours into his work are a true inspiration. He welcomes students at all levels and helps each person individually to become a better dancer. His expressive choreography with mesmerizing Gypsy elements, warm and attentive approach to teaching, and hilarious jokes comprise a unique style that has been drawing people into his classes for years and has become part of my life.”

Jane Berdichevskaya, New York
(Victorio’s student)

“Victorio's incredible skills as a dancer, choreographer and teacher are exceeded only by the affection he has for and attention he devotes to the development of his students. The day I stumbled into his class was the best luck I've had in years.”

Lon Scott Devitt, New York
(Victorio’s student)

"Studying Flamenco with Victorio has been a very special experience. Victorio has a beautiful, powerful and unique style,  loaded with feeling and filled with boundless intensity. Maestro is also a truly kind, dedicated and giving soul who cares for his students, and encourages them to perform. I am forever grateful to him."

Laurence Martin, New York
(Victorio’s student)

“...Victorio is the rare combination of both passionate artist and teacher.  His classes are highly energized by his enthusiasm and total presence with each individual student, calling them by name during the exercises either to praise or to correct, with an uncanny ability to recognize each one's strength or weakness.  He'll call on a person to perform solo, then throw in an outrageous joke about them that immediately relieves the tension of taking oneself too seriously!  But it is far from being a joke to him, for he expects commitment from his students and does not suffer gladly those who are just looking for an easy weekend pastime.  That commitment is returned in full, especially to those students for whom learning is difficult.  He has told us it's much more exciting for him to watch the progress of someone who starts out knowing very little, than to teach someone who is already an accomplished dancer.

In the past three years I've watched myself and many fellow students blossom under his tutelage, steadily improving to levels we once only dreamed of.  It is a rare privilege to be able to study with such a master, and I say all of this with great affection and gratitude.”

 Jacqueline Taeschler, New York
(Victorio’s student)

"After a long hiatus in my taking dance classes, I was fortunate to find Victorio for flamenco again.  I had remembered his teaching as the most memorable and charismatic of all the teachers and performers I had ever seen, but I was thrilled to find his teaching even more polished and perfected. He is able to speak to each students' talents, enabling each one by creating clear examples with analogies to their careers and individual frames of reference. He embodies dancing as a force of nature - vital, elegant and pure joy to be part of as a student."

Ann Marie Heal, New York
(Victorio's student - Artist) 



The Metropolitan Opera
"Victorio led the bolero variation with great élan, movement, polish, and a genuine Spanish flavor."

Walter Terry - The New York Times


" Victorio nearly stole each show.

His elegant Spanish dancing is eccentric in its corporation of acrobatics with familiar steps and stances.

he is also a daredevil and humaine comic actor."


Jennifer Dunning - The New York Times


Spanish Repertory Theatre, New York
"Ms. María Benitez was joined by Victorio, a partner of such intensity that "Asturias," a duet with Ms. Benitez, had a delicately smoldering sensuality seldom seen in dance."

Jennifer Dunning - The New York Times


Carnegie Hall
"Victorio's solos provided some outstanding dancing, controlled and nuanced in the heel work."

Ann Kisselgoff - The New York Times


"Gades and Flamenco Moro: A Study in Contrast
There have been many attempts to make ballets using the Spanish dance vocabulary, few of which have really worked. Maria Alba and victorio appeared in two short numbers [Yerma and Madrid 1936] that were more successful than Antonio Gades' evening-length ballet (at the City Center) because theirs were concentrated where his was diffuse. One reduced Lorca's Yerma to a duet of remarkable intensity, performed almost in place; the choreography here combined flamenco with modern dance. The other, Madrid 1936, was set in a café where people are listening to radio news reports of the Spanish Civil War. Victorio as a veteran soldier expressed his 'frustration at the absurdity of war' in a bitter solo..."

An excerpt from a Dance Magazine article


Brooklyn Academy of Music
"Los Tarantos, a new work choreographed by Victorio, is a flamenco story ballet, a contemporary Spanish version of a 'Romeo and Juliet.' It is an effective, absorbing work. Victorio, who plays the father of the heroine, has a sure dramatic sense; he's also an arresting dancer, specializing in multiple turns ending on one knee."

Dance Magazine


"When Victorio performs flamenco, time and space are suspended; he becomes their absolute master. It is a kind of razor-sharp and stylized thrashing that he does, a tumultuous extended climax. No extraneous gestures flatten a flawlessly elegant and abandoned intrepid knee-dives and slides, and other pyrotechnics. Interestingly, Victorio's physical condicion leads him to seem quite self-effacing, a pure and direct means for the expression of ardent feelings. Bavado vanishes."

Molly McQuade - Chicago Reader

The Metropolitan Opera

"Neither Mary Ellen Moylan nor Pierre Lacotte,making his debut, sparked the solo dancing. It was Victorio Korjhan who supplied the necessary elegance."


Miles Kastendieck

The New York Journal American